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Recruitment Services

The quality of the people in an organisation is the ultimate determinant of success.

Organisations that prosper will be those that can find, engage and retain the Best People.

Striker Group Headhunting is uniquely positioned to find and secure quality candidates for our clients.  Our research is the key to our success.  We use the latest search and selection techniques available.

Our consultants are professional and reliable. We are capable of filling roles across a variey of industries, specialising in Sales, Marketing, Management, Engineering and Accounting professions.

Outplacement Program

In addition to recruitment needs Striker Group recognises that losing a job through redundancy can be a very stressful experience.  We have therefore introduced an Outplacement Program to support our clients.  It is  essential that people be treated with respect and compassion as they leave employment.  It is also essential they are armed with the skills, strategies and tools they will need for their career transition.

 Striker Group Outplacement provides support and guideance to employees.  It addresses the issues created by redundancy and the program helps to maintain the professional brand and reputation of our clients.

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